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Around this time of year, cinemas, Netflix, and anywhere else you find entertainment is chocked filled with scary movies and tv shows. For 31 days in October, everyone appears to want to be scared for at least a moment or two. It’s thrilling when endorphins flood your system after a serial killer jumps out of behind a closet door. But watching a lot of scary scenes has the potential to provide us with nighttmares. Fast food definitely may give us nightmares too. Or, at the very least, turn into a digestive nightmare. However, if created a burger that really gave you bad dreams or nightmares would you eat it?

Does this seem like a small amount of over-the-top branding? Ooh, spooky burger! It’s not the first time Burger King has stooped to such absurd marketing strategies. In 2015, the company debuted its Halloween Whopper within the Usa Let’s just say the consumer response was crappy.

The newest Nightmare King includes a different impact on eaters: it actually gives them nightmares. In a collaboration with the Paramount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. and Goldforest Inc., Burger King did a scientific study on 100 people for 10 nights. Each participant ate a Nightmare King before they went along to sleep (eating food before bed is rarely a great idea) and researchers then tracked each participant’s heartbeat, brain activity, and breathing. They also determined whether or not the participants had any heart-pounding nightmares.

The scientists determined that after food this creepy sandwich, participants’ nightmares increased 3.5 times greater than whenever they went to bed without eating it. You can’t argue with science. Those are a handful of pretty monstrous results.

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The sandwich itself is quite terrifying (to vegetarians) as it includes a quarter-pound flame-grilled beef patty, a crispy chicken fillet, American cheese, bacon, mayo, and onions all nestled between an eerily green sesame seed bun. It will probably be available at participating Burger King restaurants for a limited time beginning on Oct. 22.

Rarely, if ever, has there been a flavor pairing as beautiful as potato and cheese. Cheese and potatoes play a pivotal role within the cuisine of several countries. In Polish pierogis, potatoes and cheese fill a pillowy dumpling. In French cuisine, sliced potatoes mix with a creamy béchamel sauce and cheese for potatoes au gratin. But be confident, you require not leave the land to acquire a delicious cheese and potato fix. In the U.S., the best way to mix the 2 involves a deep frier: Burger King is bringing back Cheesy Tots for a limited time, per Chew Boom (and confirmed to Bustle by a representative from Burger King).

Prior to deciding to keep reading, something has to be made abundantly clear: Cheesy Tots are in no way just cheese fries who have swapped the fries for crunchy, compact potato nuggets. Instead of merely being topped using a layer of melty cheese, the tots are Full of cheese. When the complete tot is fried, it melts the cheese filling, cooks the potato, and crisps the exterior.

Basically, cheesy tots are definitely the crispy-cheesy-mushy-salty, bite-sized potato snack of your wildest dreams. Further, that is only what cheesy tots are like inside their purest form. Just imagine the excess layers of flavor you add whenever you dip the tots in sauce.

Burger King

Burger King has a pretty impressive menu of side items available year-round. The highest choices include onion rings, tater tots, hash browns, chicken nuggets, not to mention, French fries. However, when the chain first debuted hbvhuk Tots to get a limited time, it absolutely was clear the King had struck (liquid) gold. As reported by Fortune, Cheesy Tots were initially taken off Burger King’s lineup during 2009, after which the general public voiced a solid disdain for removing the menu favorite. There is even a Facebook page with 2.7 thousand fans called “Bring Back the Cheesy Tots from Burger King,” that is certainly going strong today.

Depending on how you see it, the explosive popularity of the easy cheese and potato dish is either surprising, or wildly predictable.

One might say there is a method to ttps:// The chain has been know more than once to debut a brand new food, already have it be adored by customers, simply to remove it from the menu shortly thereafter, leaving the king’s followers disappointed and hungry.

Perhaps the most known illustration of this can be Burger King’s beloved Chicken Fries. Chicken Fries were originally included in the Burger King menu in 2005, but were discontinued. In 2013, the chicken fries placed fourth over a Business Insider list of fast food items that ought to be brought back. After a couple of short stints here and there of Chicken Fries being re-included in the menu as being a short time offer, Chicken Fries reclaimed their rightful throne on the permanent Burger King menu in 2015.

Though Cheesy Tots are just back to get a visit, perhaps some day they, too, will reclaim a permanent position on the Burger King menu. For the time being, make sure you stop in for some before they may be gone. An order retails for $1.99.

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